(incomplete and not in chronological order) Archive of stuff I have written/edited over the years 2005-2018



  1. Making sure hidden frames are hidden
  2. The title attribute – what is it good for
  3. AJAX and Screen Readers – Content Access Issues
  4. Short note on role none or presentation
  5. A (not so) short note on ARIA to the rescue.html
  6. A Brave New alt in {HTML5}.html
  7. Accessibility Notes 2nd August 2011.html
  8. alt in HTML5 Required – to be or not to be.html
  9. alt in HTML5 – Moving Forward.html
  10. Anybody can be an A11y Slacker.html
  11. Apple Webkit Gets Serious About WAI-ARIA (on Mac).html
  12. ARIA alert support.html
  13. ARIA in HTML – there goes the neighborhood.html
  14. ARIA role support how the Windows browsers stack up – Update.html
  15. ARIA Role Support in Safari 4.0.html
  16. ARIA Toggle Button and Tri-state Checkbox examples.html
  17. aria-labelledby and aria-describedby support in popular Windows browsers.html
  18. Brief history of browser accessibility support.html
  19. Browser & Assistive Technology Tests Redux.html
  20. Building an Accessible Disclosure Button – using Web Components
  21. cite and blockquote – reloaded.html
  22. Comparison of ARIA roles exposed via MSAA and UI Automation in IE9.html
  23. Computer says NO to HTML5 document outline.html
  24. CSS, HTML, ARIA, browsers, assistive technology and interoperability.html
  25. Easy content organisation with HTML5.html
  26. Emulating failure.html
  27. Fieldsets, Legends and Screen Readers.html
  28. Firefox 14 image long description via link using aria-describedby.html
  29. Google Chrome accessibility update.html
  30. How Can I Validate (X)HTML + ARIA.html
  31. How to mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines.html
  32. how to remove CSS outlines in an accessible manner.html
  33. How YOU can join the W3C HTML5 Working Group in 4 easy steps.html
  34. HTML Developers Please Consider HTML5 Doctor.html
  35. HTML5 Techniques for providing useful text alternatives.html
  36. HTML5 accessibility.html
  37. HTML5 Accessibility analysis.html
  38. HTML5 Accessibility Challenges.html
  39. HTML5 Accessibility Chops ARIA & validation.html
  40. HTML5 Accessibility Chops ARIA landmark support.html
  41. HTML5 Accessibility Chops ARIA role=alert browser support.html
  42. HTML5 Accessibility Chops Block Links.html
  43. HTML5 Accessibility Chops Conflicting advice and requirements.html
  44. HTML5 Accessibility Chops data for the masses.html
  45. HTML5 Accessibility Chops form control labeling.html
  46. HTML5 Accessibility Chops hidden and aria-hidden support on the UP!.html
  47. HTML5 Accessibility Chops hidden and aria-hidden.html
  48. HTML5 Accessibility Chops Just use a (native HTML) button.html
  49. HTML5 Accessibility Chops notes on using ARIA.html
  50. HTML5 Accessibility Chops section elements.html
  51. HTML5 Accessibility Chops SVG text alternative example.html
  52. HTML5 Accessibility Chops the alt decision.html
  53. HTML5 Accessibility Chops the figure and figcaption elements.html
  54. HTML5 Accessibility Chops the placeholder attribute.html
  55. HTML5 Accessibility Chops title attribute use and abuse.html
  56. HTML5 Accessibility Chops using nested figure elements.html
  57. HTML5 Accessibility Chops When to use an ARIA role.html
  58. HTML5 Accessibility Chops ‘real world’ ARIA landmark use.html
  59. HTML5 accessibility implementation support in browsers.html
  60. HTML5 Accessibility – September 2012.html
  61. HTML5 and alt The editors new clothes.html
  62. HTML5 and the myth of WAI-ARIA redundance.html
  63. HTML5 canvas accessibility discussions 2009-2011.html
  64. HTML5 Canvas Accessibility in Firefox 13.html
  65. HTML5 Canvas Accessibility in Internet Explorer 9.html
  66. HTML5 canvas sub DOM.html
  67. HTML5 semantics and accessibility.html
  68. HTML5 – Check it Before you Wreck it with Mike[tm] Smith.html
  69. IE 8 beta with WAI ARIA SUPPORT!.html
  70. JAWS Support for ARIA – updated October 2012.html
  71. JAWS version 10 with WAI-ARIA live region support!.html
  72. Latest ARIA landmark support data.html
  73. Notes on accessibility of text replacement using HTML5 canvas.html
  74. Notes on fixing incorrect table structure using ARIA.html
  75. Notes on HTML5 accessibility support in IE 10.html
  76. Notes on notes (of smart people) about web components.html
  77. Notes on providing alt text for twitter images.html
  78. Notes on use of multiple ARIA role attribute values.html
  79. Notes on Web Components + ARIA.html
  80. On HTML belts and ARIA braces (The Default Implicit ARIA semantics they didn’t want you to know about).html
  81. On joining the HTML editors team.html
  82. Opera doesn’t work with screen readers – does it matter.html
  83. Pro HTML5 Accessibility – review.html
  84. Short Note on ARIA, Dragon and Standards.html
  85. Short note on aria-labelledby and aria-describedby.html
  86. Short note on being busy.html
  87. Short note on getting spaced out with SC 1.4.12 Text Spacing.html
  88. Short note on hiding stuff in interactive elements from screen readers.html
  89. Short Note on HTML conformance checking.html
  90. Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions.html
  91. Short note on making your mark (more accessible).html
  92. Short note on use of alt=”” and the title attribute.html
  93. Short note on what CSS display properties do to table semantics.html
  94. Shortish note on JAWS support for regions.html
  95. Simple inline error message pattern.html
  96. Simple standalone toggletip widget pattern.html
  97. Slow Week in Web Standards.html
  98. Some stuff that doesn’t work between the DOM and Shadow DOM.html
  99. Sucking on WCAG 2.0.html
  100. Testing ARIA User Input control’s navigation support.html
  101. Testing WAI-ARIA Role Support.html
  102. The Browser Accessibility Tree.html
  103. The HTML5 Document Outline.html
  104. The ride to 5 HTML5 Doctor.html
  105. The state of hidden content support in 2016.html
  106. Thoughts on “Notes from the future of HTML session at TPAC”.html
  107. TPG at CSUN 2018.html
  108. TPG at W3C in 2016.html
  109. Usability and accessibility opportunities in a web component world.html
  110. Using ARIA in HTML HTML5 Doctor.html
  111. Using ARIA in HTML.html
  112. Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks – 2013.html
  113. W3C HTML and WHATWG HTML ‘split’ effect on HTML Accessibility.html
  114. W3C TPAC 2014 – notes and souvenirs.html
  115. WAI-ARIA Implementation in JavaScript UI Libraries – updated.html
  116. WAI-ARIA role support – How the browsers stack up.html
  117. WAI-ARIA role support – How the MAC browsers stack up.html
  118. WAI-ARIA, it’s Easy – @media 2008.html
  119. WCAG 2.0 Parsing Criterion is a PITA.html
  120. WCAG 2.0 parsing error bookmarklet.html
  121. Web Accessibility Toolbar 2011.html
  122. Web Components punch list.html
  123. What ARIA does not do.html